In [5]:
%pylab inline

# add customizations:
from import ConfigManager
from IPython.utils.path import locate_profile
cm = ConfigManager(profile_dir=locate_profile(get_ipython().profile))
#cm.update('livereveal', {
#          'theme': 'serif',
#          'transition': 'zoom',
#          'start_slideshow_at': 'selected',
#          'width': 1024,
#          'height': 768,
#          'data-background': '#dddddd',
#          })

# clear customizations:
cm.update('livereveal', {
          'theme': None,
          'transition': None,
          'start_slideshow_at': None,
          'width': None,
          'height': None,
          'data-background': None,
          'help': None,
Populating the interactive namespace from numpy and matplotlib
WARNING: pylab import has clobbered these variables: ['cm']
`%matplotlib` prevents importing * from pylab and numpy

Climate Change and Policy

Some science

What we know:

  1. Accumulation of $CO_2$ and other so called greenhouse gases (GHG) reduce the earth's ability to reflect energy outwards
  2. High levels of GHG concentrations in atmosphere
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from IPython.display import Image

Some science, continued

What we don't know:

  1. Full carbon budget
    • All GHG inputs
    • Full functioning of GHG sinks (we know about 75%)
  2. How GHG output from human choices will change in future

Predicted Outcomes

  1. Our best estimate is that warming will continue and accelerate into the next century.
  2. A number of estimated side effects
    • Sea Level Rise
    • Migration of Tropical Disease
    • Desertification
    • Increase in strength and severity of storms

Sea Level Rise in Bangladesh and India

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Sea Level Rise here in the US:

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